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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time Differences

(our internet was down so I couldn't post this when I wrote it. Forgive me)

It's 10:07 and I'm just getting ready for what will most likely be a pretty fun night out. I have absolutely no plans, and that's how it is. It's still relatively early right now. Actually, for a saturday night, it's REALLY early. Last night at about 12:30 I went to a friends house to do some pre-gaming. Chris Mike and I were drinking mixers in his house and we realized that it's about 1:30 and we really needed to start making our way to the bars. We concluded that in the states, if you aren't at the bar/drinking at a party by midnight, everyone gets all pissy and angry. Here, 1:30AM is about the equivalent to 9:30PM in the states. Restaurants are packed with people at midnight trying to get some dinner, and fashionably late means 2:30.

Seeing as I'm posting this after the night I wrote it, I did end up having a fun night. Went with some friends to a little bar until around 1:30, then went to Plaza Serrano(nightlife dining hub of Palermo) until about 5. When we left, this entire restaurant plaza was still packed with people hanging out.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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