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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pues, Estoy Aca! "Well, I'm Here!"

I've finally planted my roots in Buenos Aires, Recoleta to be exact! It's phenomenal here! The weather is gorgeous; it's currently about 75 and breezy at 12:40 AM, the women are gorgeous; I finally believe what the guide books have said, and the accent is smoooooth.

I arrived at Ezeiza, the international airport, at around 11:30 on Sunday and took a 35-minute cab ride to the city. We went past one pretty large Villa Miseria and through neighborhoods of all shapes and sizes. I arrived in Recoleta and found my apartment. I live with Silvia, a very grandmother-ish figure and her older, read Dad's age, son. He's about 45 or so, and very helpful with neighborhood questions, etc. After dinner, more about that later, he and I always talk for about a half hour over cafe y cigarillos.

Dinner. So, we were told that many of the host mothers are of italian heritage and love to feed their host children. Nothing could be more true. We had gnocci on Sunday, it's a custom of have it near last day of the month. Tonight we had meatloaf with stewed onionsand mashed potatoes. I asked if it was hamburger and I think Silvia was insulted. After further inspection, I think it was fresh meat ground in the house with something like a cheese grater. Either way, it was damn tastey! After dinner, there's always a small cup of casera chocolate mousse. Also very tastey.

Sin embargo, it's getting late and I need to get to bed. I have spanish class at 9AM.


How about this view out my bedroom window!

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


I. William Celing said...

Wow, finally there! I can't wait for the first installment of the fotoblogedia de Buenos Aires.

Sounds like you have a god host fam to begin your adventure with. Nothing like a little fatherly advice on your first big trip!

Love ya P, have a blast.


Holly Jones said...

oh tuki, so good to hear that things are going well for you! i'm so happy for you!!! i knew things would work out just fine! how have your classes been going? yeah, as you're finding out, just about everyone (latinos) lives w/their parents until they get married... even if they are big time business people, they still kick it in their childhood bedroom. hahaha, it still cracks me up sometimes.