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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cacerolazo Video

This video was from last night, when this SMALL group of people was marchin to the Plaza de Mayo for the big demonstration. At this very moment, the sound is almost deafening outside our windows and the battle cries start for another night. The group is assembling again about 2 blocks away, and I'm sure they'll march to the Plaza tonight for another big ol' party. Oh, and along with the pots and pans you also get the obligatory soccer horns. I love it!

Here's a good article on what's happening.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Anonymous said...

damn i miss that city.

Holly Jones said...

brother.... what is your phone number? have you checked out my pics yet? look at the honduras ones... send me your phone number. love you!! and i love your blog, i check it almost every day.... so does mark. ;)