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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Placement Test & Internship

The weather has been perfect here for the past couple days now. So much has happened. On Thursday we had our Spanish placement test. I placed into Advanced II so I'm pretty excited about that. Right now, as for classes, I'll be taking Spanish, Latin America in a Globalizing World, Cultural Icons as Global Commodities(in Spanish), and then my business internship.

The internship is two hours of class per week and eight hours outside working with a company. Internships here are unheard of, so it's basically just acquaintances of the business professor. He's an entrepreneur and has a book on entrepreneurship published. He teaches business classes at quite a few local universities, but he says you can't survive just being a teacher he has some side projects. The company that I'm hoping to be placed with is a software outsourcing company. Lots of huge US companies have there software developed down here. He said it's one of the fastest growing companies in Argentina. I guess they follow the Google style of management so it's super laid back with a nap room, ping pong tables, etc. I told him I don't like computer tech stuff but he says that I'd be in the business side of the company. More info on the internship to come.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Chris said...

hey through what organization did you go through to get all these internships and classes?