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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures: Flowers, Trees, Houses, Water

I've made it a habit to always carry my camera with my in my biking bag, because I always seem to come upon something deserving of a picture during my daily rides.

The other day I took a spin up to the northern suburbs, and, following my usual MO of getting happily lost in the neighborhood.

As I was biking around, I started snapping pictures of all the eye-catching sights and properties, and believe me, in Miami, there are many.

spanish style house in Miami
Spanish home

large tree overhanging Miami house

Palm tree/bush is someone's front yard

large old style mansion in Miami

Every so often I come upon a house that reminds me of an old plantation mansion. You can always tell the ones that have been around forever, because they have HUGE lots, fenced in yards, and are surrounded by much smaller houses.

bright flowers in Miami

No lacking of bright colors in Miami, be it houses or flowers. Beats the beige, taupe and off-white of the Midwest.

beautiful miami house

I just loved this tree. It dwarfed the very large home next to it.

A little water inlet view

water inlet in Miami

That same old big tree. Lookin' good

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