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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bike Ride Going to the Boat Show

Aaron, a friend of my roommate's boyfriend, is in town from NYC working on a shipping-container turned coffee shop project for Illy coffee. He works on the computer programming of the actuators and is down here getting it ready for next week's food and wine festival. Anyways...

We all went biking to South Beach to hang out for a bit and then J went back home to meet up with her boyfriend, so Aaron and I decided to head to the Miami Beach Yacht and Brokerage Show up the beach a bit.

We're not talking about your classic Minnesota Boat Show in the Metrodome. No, these are $25,000,000 dollar boats. 200 foot long Super Yachts. Boats that require 5+ crew member just to leave port.

large powerboat with four engines
This boat is something you'd see as a high end boat in Minneapolis. This was on display as an accessory boat for the people to use when they leave their yacht.

crazy huge Miami boat show boat
These are the kind of boats we're talking about at the Miami Yacht Show.

Go Yacht. The largest, most expensive, brand new yacht at the Miami yacht and brokerage show
This is GO. Brand spankin' new. As soon as the show ends, it's being chartered to Brazil by some ridiculously wealthy people.

large super yacht at the Miami yacht and brokerage show
Just your average 85 foot yacht.

Ferrari and Lamborghini at the miami yacht and brokerage show
And when rich people leave their yacht, they want Lamborghinis to drive around town.

Interesting fact. The crews of these boats make some great money. I met a girl, probably around 30 years old, who has been working on yachts for the past 8 years. You're paid around $3500 per month, and that's the lowest paying job for a deckhand. All expense, ie room, board, flights to ports included, and there's a good chance you aren't taxed, because rich people don't like paying taxes.

panorama picture from the miami yacht and brokerage show
That's me on the far left-hand side of the picture. Credit to Aaron @ BitMap NYC for taking it.

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