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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Sunny...and Always Will Be

Being from Minnesota, I've had a hard time coming to believe that it's always sunny, and will continue to be sunny, here in Miami. It's actually taking a toll on my body. Let me explain:

In Minnesota, we're trapped in our houses for around seven or eight months per year, anxiously awaiting Spring and Summer. So, when it finally starts to get warm in June and July, you feel the need to be outside all the time. However, even with it being warm, you still get a lot cloudy or rainy days scattered throughout the week. So really, you only get about three days per week, during three months of summer, of warm sunny days to enjoy.

That equals 36 days of enjoyable Summer sunshine in Minnesota, per year. Not much if you ask me.

Because of this, during the summer, if I woke up and saw sunlight, I felt an uncontrollable urge to be outside biking, reading, tanning, or doing ANYTHING in the sunlight, because I knew that they were so few and far between.

Flash forward to my current location, Miami, where it's been hot and sunny for 21 of my past 22 days. However, because I'm still in the Minnesota mindset, every morning, day after day, I feel the urge to run outside and utilize every last ounce of sun. This isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want to stay inside and read, work on some projects, write letters, but when I hear the birds a chirpin' outside, and see all the bright sun-lit flowers, I cave and go outside to do something.

The result of this internal outdoor-pulling drive I have? Well, I'm already very tan and I've biked around 200 miles, or 100 miles per week. Not too shabby! On the downside, I feel like I'm falling behind on my reading and small business project because I spend all day outside, enjoying the weather, when I should be spending a few days per week inside, working on my website.

What I'm really trying to work on is internalizing the fact that it's going to be warm and sunny here, all year round. I can't feel bad about staying inside for a day, because if I don't do it once in a while, my body is going to burn itself out.

It's hard to decide to stay inside when:

people laying out and tanning in South Beach Miami

I know the beach is calling

the boardwalk in Miami Beach is a great place to people watch and admire the hotels and resorts

Or a bike ride down the boardwalk to go people watching

South beach, around 13th, is a great place to people watch and relax

I can drink mate in South Beach

South Pointe Park is a gorgeous park at the tip of Miami Beach where you can watch cruise ships go by and enjoy some good relaxation time

Or go relax in South Pointe Park


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