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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My New Hobby....Fishing

I think I'm going to take up a new hobby...shore fishing. I've never really considered myself a fisher, though I have quite a bit of experience in the area. Coming from Minneapolis, where you wouldn't even THINK about eating something from the nearest river, the Mississippi, I never got into fishing during college.

However, here it's different. Lots of people bring their casting rods to the different shores around Miami, tossing plugs, jigs, what have you, into the bay, and eventually drag out snapper, barracuda, snook, etc.

Being a tight-wad with my money, the issue came to mind..."Why would you buy fish from the local supermarket at $15/fish when you could spend the afternoon sitting in a lawn chair, tanning, drinking beer, reading a book, and eventually bringing home ocean-fresh fish?"

Therefore, I plan on buying my saltwater fishing license this week, along with a nice rod/reel combo, and then head to the nearest shoreline (3 blocks away) to catch some snapper! Viva fresh fish!

Only a matter of time until my nightly dinner looks like this! Lemon juice, butter, garlic, and you're good to go.

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Tim said...

Holla when you are reeling in red snapper; I have a great recipe straight outta Utila.