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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moving Update

Hello Faithful Readers, if any even exist :-)

Just to fill you in on my progress:

I got back to Chilton, Wisconsin, my hometown, on Monday night. Since then it's been a flurry of (read slow, procrastinating) packing and cleaning. My parents want me to rid all of my high school memorabilia and knickknacks from my childhood room. They're converting it into something or other, as you'd expect.

Some interesting finds include:

1. A tape, that's right, tape, titled "Backstreet Boys: Millennium." Finally, I've spent the last 12 years looking for it!

2. Old "love notes" from junior high. Very interesting to read nearly 10 years later.

3. Parent's wedding albums, pre-marriage albums and old baby pictures. Mostly of my sisters, no surprise that the youngest child gets the fewest pictures. No way I was adopted though, I look IDENTICAL to my dad's junior high class picture. Eerily similar.

4. A Shaq basketball card from circa 1995, when he was playing with the Orlando Magic. Still in protective plastic display case. Could be worth some money, who knows.

5. A book entitled, "Trapping Raccoons." Only in Wisconsin!

My sister is coming up from Chicago on Friday or Saturday to hang out until Sunday, when we'll both go back to Chicago together. From there it's off to the airport for a Monday AM or PM flight. I purchased a 6pm flight, because I got a great deal (Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club), but I'm hoping they'll put me on the 9am flight if there are any available seats.

Only a few more days!

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