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Monday, January 19, 2009

Still a Challenge

You know, I recently read an old email I sent my college advisor about a year back. We were talking about my classes that I would take in Argentina and the language barrier, etc. One line that really struck me as funny was, "So, after my first semester in the IES program, I´ll be fluent and will be registering in the local business school there."

Right! Given, I speak this language very well. I can talk to just about anyone and understand what they´re saying. However, I still make mistakes. I still get upset if I use an indirect object pronoun instead of a direct object pronoun, or an article of the incorrect sex. I´ve been speaking english for 22 years of my life, and spanish for merely 9 months. I regret not taking more classes in college, giving myself a base to work off. I feel I´ve learned EVERYTHING here, like I basically started from scratch. I believe I was overly confident that I would master this language in just one year. There are so many ins and outs, phrases, words, secrets, and shortcuts, just like english, that take years to acquire. I find myself getting down on myself for not being a perfect speaker, but then I also realize that I continaully compare myself to Holly and Lindsay, my bilingual sisters. How did they do it so easily in a year. One day I´ll need to stop doing these comparisons.

Ok, well, sorry for the bummer post, but, if you want a view into my life, this is where I´m at.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


MitchSalm said...

maybe just don't think about it and it will happen. in fact, i'm almost positive that is how to get what you want out of a language. give up trying to get what you want.

miss you, mitch.

Anonymous said...

heeeeeey--- lindsay and i were at the same spot you were....and we are still learning so much every day. i've got 5 years on you, of reading, music, talking, classes, living in my 2nd spanish speaking country-- saturday is my one year anniversary! maybe you could logically compare yourself to me in 5 years... until then, chill out.. it's a slow process of finesse... and i still use a dictionary when i read books in spanish. tranquilo... tranquilo... just give it a little effort every day and you will be making leaps and bounds in no time. love you! holly