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Sunday, January 11, 2009

It´s Dead...

Well, as you´ve probably guessed it, the Mac went back to sleep...maybe forever. It´s difficult to make headway on the blog using a locutorio. However, the roomies are heading on a two week vacation starting tomorrow. Pablo said I can use his computer, so I´m going to be doing some insane posting this coming week. I`ve got Christmas pictures, days in the park pictures, and lots of other good content in the works.

With the house to myself, I´m going to get in some quality reading and studying...anything to increase my vocab. Also, I´m starting to plan my next trip. The talk about Patagonia is absolutely crazy. I met a cool business women from Atlanta when I was working the other night, and she´s traveled the WORLD. She told me that Patagonia was absolutely mind-blowing. Coming from her, that means a lot. I think it´ll be my last big adventure, minus Iguaçu Falls when Holly comes. Mendoza and wine are just and Mendoza. The city itself doesnt seem too exciting besides wine tours, and I´ve already done one in California. If mom comes down, we´ll probably hit it up though. Timmy said the north of Argentina was worth a journey. I could take the train there for ridiculously cheap too.

In reality, who knows. I´ve got 4 months left here, and I´m really going to take advantage of it.


ps- Miranda, if you´re reading this, send me an email at or add me on Facebook. I´d like to hear about your plans for when you´re here.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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