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Friday, January 16, 2009

Long Night

Well, it happened...I fell asleep on the subway after a long night of clubbing. Last night, though it seems like eons ago, I went to GOA with Miguel, Calvin, and Jenny. We entered around 3:30AM, the usual time to enter a nightclub in Buenos Aires. We danced the night away, I made some friends, and then eventually we got pushed out by security at 6AM.

I walked myself to the Green Line subway, hopped on, and happily found a seat. The next thing you´s 10AM, and I´ve ridden the subway for at least 6 cross town trips. I woke up, on the opposite side of town, sweating because of the unbearable heat, and realized what had happened. I then had to get up and walk for 10 minutes to get onto the other side of the tracks to catch the train to my side of town. I pushed my way into the line to make sure I got a seat for the 15-stop ride. I was happily nestled in when a pregnant women got on. Of course, everyone pretended that they were sleeping, or extremely focused on a hang-nail, so that they didnt have to give up their seat. I, being from the Midwest, stood up, soaked in sweat from the 90 degree subway heat, and gave away my precious seat.

I then clung onto the subway ceiling rail for the next 13 stops, each one hoping it was the last. Once I finally reached the Olleros stop, I exited and was greeted by the overwhelming power of the summertime sun. Nothing worse than coming out of the underground catacombs of Buenos Aires after 4 hours, to find the morning sun waiting for you.

I battled the heat of the sun, and immediately crossed the street, hoping to salvage what little strength I had left. As I walked, I thought it would be a great time to stop at COTO, a large chain grocery store. Surely, for once in my life, there wouldnt be a 45 minute line...Well, what do you know, I walk in the door and I´m greeted by what appears to be some cruel joke...incredibly long lines of retirees!

I walked in and was overwhelmed by the smell of old man cologne mixed with that common, rose-smelling grandma perfume. I felt as though I somehow left the streets of Buenos Aires and entered a grocery store of southern Florida. Seeing as I had been clubbing for the last 6 hours, I immediately retreated and walked fullspeed home, which is where that leaves us. I´m happily sitting at home, eating some squareish oatmeal cereal, ready to go to bed. Just another Buenos Aires night.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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