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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Drinks of Argentina

Seeing as my time as a bartender has come to an end, I´ve composed the following to help you understand the popular drinks in Argentina, and who´s drinking them.

quilmes, the most popular beer in all of argentina. Drinks of Argentina
The Drink: Quilmes Cristal, the most popular Argentine beer in existence.
The Who: "I´m just hanging out in the bar, looking to meet people and have a good time. My nationality isn´t obvious because everyone loves Quilmes."

fernet and coke is the most popular mixed drink in Argentina
The Drink: Fernet and Coke, the most Argentine mixer one can order.
The Who: "I´m a true Argentine, just hanging out with my friends for a night or maybe scoping girls with my friends. Either way, I´m Argentine."

speed, a variation of red bull that isn't nearly as good
The Drink: Melón con Speed, a ridiculously sweet, awful tasting/looking liquor, mixed with an equally sweet Redbull-like drink.
The Who: "We´re just a bunch of fun 20 year old girls, looking to flirt with the boys, party hard, and smoke cigarettes until dawn.

chandon is a popular sparkling wine that is mixed with speed energy drink
The Drink: Chandon, or any bubbly mixed with the aforementioned Speed energy drink.
The Who: "Me and my boys are ready to party and we´re hitting the city up. (see South American Guido post) We´ve decided to start the night with Chandon and Speed to get some female attention. I´ll have my blacked-out sunglasses on pretty soon, and I´ll eventually wind up in a techno club until 7am, with the Melón con Speed girls above."

caipirinha are very sweet brazilian drinks that aren't that good, if you ask me
The Drink: Caipirinha, a sickly-sweet drink made with muddled limes, sugar, and Cachaça aguardiente liquor from Brazil.
The Who: "I have no idea what this drink is, let alone can I pronounce the name. Therefore, seeing as I´m a tourist, I´ll order it!"

american tourists/girls doing shots and getting drunk
The Drink: Any Shot
The Who: "We´re definitely North American tourists in Argentina, between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. We´re looking to get hammered. However, We´ve already forgotten that bars are open until 6am, and seeing as we haven´t paced our drinking, we´ll be passed out by 2."

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Anonymous said...

i love this post!!!! i'm telling mark about it right now. love you, nice to chat tonight!!! love, yoli gutierrez (my new name for any time i have to give my name here)... holly = holey = yoli (short for yolanda, but at least it's close) gutierrez b/c that juan's last name and easy to say and be understood...

Anonymous said...

nice post patrick! flo gave adrian a bottle of the brazilian aguardiente for his birthday...we still have the whole thing. When you get home you shoudl make some of those drinks so we can use it up. The liquor by itself is terrible! nice post.

fresh drinks said...

Here are some of my recipes of juices and virgin cocktails..great recipes you have too

Patrick Jones said...

Can't believe how popular this post is. Almost 90% of the people who come to this website come to this page. Cool!