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Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Night of the Ages

So I don´t usually use Facebook that often. At least I wasnt using it that much when I didnt have a computer. However, now that internet access is at my fingertips, I´ve been on it a bit more lately. Today, for the first time in roughly 8 months, I turned on the chat function for more than 5 minutes. Que loco! I just spent 4 hours talking with people from back at home, chatting about life down here, and just catching up. After that, I found myself browsing pictures of college and higschool friends, seeing them all hanging out for Halloween and Newyears. It so weird to talk about everything from the past, and see pictures from the present, knowing that in a matter of months, I´ll be back in the city, reimmersing and restarting my life from where I left it. Did some quality skyping as well. Talked to a very good friend from school and got some quality Mom time in. All in all, a pretty emotionally eventful day.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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