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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Religious Theme Park?

You heard it right...a religious theme park.

I, myself, was surprised that such a thing existed. However, when you're in an amazingly relgious country, things like this tend to pop the airport...and the driving range.

Anyways, a little back story.

My friend Betsy texted me on Saturday asking if I wanted to go to Tierra Santa. Thinking that this was some place in Patagonia, and knowing that Betsy takes last minute trips, I told her I couldn't go. I'd need more time to find a cheaper flights, etc etc etc. However, she quickly called to let me know that it wasn't a place in Patagonia, but rather, a park in Buenos Aires. Seeing as I'm always up for a park on a nice Saturday afternoon, I took her up on the offer.

Well, seeing as we knew of its general location, we decided to walk from my place. After the 45 minute walk from my house to where we THOUGHT it was, we were told that we were still about an hour away. After another half hour of walking along the Rio de la Plata, we decided to get Chorizo and un litro de cerveza at a nice little park. However, knowing that a park awaited us, we decided to get a move on. As we're walking, Betsy informs me that this park is actually a religious theme park. What fun!

Anyways, long story short, it was pretty cool. They recreated Jerusalem so you can...just translate the picture.

After getting inside, I had no idea what to expect. I'm about as non religous as one can be. I am, however, an animal lover.

However, it turned out great. Betsy attended Lutheran school from start to finish so she was very well-versed about the Bible.

Our first "presentation" was the birth of Christ. Turns out it also doubles as a techno show.

After that, we toured the park for awhile. It's not really an amusement park, but more of an educational park. Besides the 747s flying over every couple of minutes and the distant THWAP of the driving range, I really felt like I was visiting ancient Jerusalem. I even had time to snap a sunset picture over the holy walls.

After techno birth we continued on to Creation. This was a pretty cool automated character show.

After the Creation show, we stumbled upon a belly-dancing show. I didn't know the Christians knew how to get down like this!

After belly-dancing, we hauled ass to catch the Last Supper show. All the shows were with automated characters and a voice over. After every show Betsy explained what we just saw. She definitely knew her Bible.

From the Last Supper we went to the hillside where Jesus was crucified. Talk about a realistic picture!

Now...for the cream of the crop, the bread and butter of Tierra Santa...Resurrection!!!

Every 1/2 hour, an 18 meter tall Jesus comes out from inside the mountain. Intense!

All said and done, I had a pretty good time. I learned an incredible amount of information. So, if you into techno births and all of the above, check out Tierra Santa.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Matthew Barbot said...

From Tierra Santa to a Shakira concert, did you ever think you'd see so much belly dancing in BsAs?