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Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy Dreams

I've been talking to some of my fellow IES-ers and many have been experiencing the same thing: absolutely crazy, super vivid dreams.

I don't know what it is, but I'm convinced it has to be our brains expanding from all the intense Spanish we're learning. I can remember detail by detail dreams I had more than three weeks ago. I've had dreams about being in high school and forgetting to study for a Mr. Stubbe history test. I've dreamt so many weird things. The most intense and vivid ones come after nights where I speak in Spanish for the majority of the time.

Can anyone else confirm that they had really vivid dreams when they were learning a foreign language?

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


brandie said...

i remember those mr stuebbe tests! when i learned sign language very intently, i was literally signing in my sleep, thinking i was always talking to my teacher.
thanks for posting about life in BA.

sissy gruz said...

hey baby gruz. affirmative. ask adrian about it. kid is dreaming like a crazy person. everyday he wakes up stunned by his dreams. About your lack of a click won't happen yet. it will be some day when you realize you just get's not like math where you figure out the pattern...this is not a "FOIL: situation (first outter inner last)...i love reading our blog. keep posting little details and your thoughts. can you do a walking tour of your house on the camera??? much luz for the gruz

Anonymous said...