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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've Found It!

Time has been flying in Buenos Aires. Like everyone said, you really need to make the most out of each day. It's like we're living in a microcosm. Everything happens at a super-accelerated rate. People are friends at 1pm, dating by 4pm, exclusive by 8pm, and officially broken up by midnight.

The night started off with my friend Sol's going away party. She's 1/2 argentine through her dad, and 1/2 american. She's been living here for six months with her parents and they're heading to Europe for two months next week. They had a really fun party at their apartment with tons of food and some live music as well. Great time. Afterwards, Daniel(Ecuador), Sol, Adam(Sol's friend), and I headed to a bar that I heard was pretty cool.

Anyways, as to the title of this post, I've found my bar. It's not "my" bar in the sense that I go there and..."everyone knows my name." It's more in the sense that I've been missing live music, especially jazz, and I've been searching for my bar. Well, I've found it.

Tonight I went to an absolutely amazing jazz jam session. The bar was pretty small and there was a stage at the front of it. When we arrived at 2am, the music was already going. Musicians just show up and form impromptu groups and throw down 25 minute sets. It was amazing. There were some very talented blues and jazz guitar players as well as two phenomenal saxaphonists. The groups of musicians melded very well. The bassist would stay in for two sets, as the guitarists and drummers switched out. The saxes would find a time to squeeze in a kick ass John Coltranesque solo. At the very end of the night the drummer got his moneys worth (he made his solo worthwhile.) Turns out he's actually a locally famous recording drummer who likes to come and get some improv/jazz time in every weekend.

Anyways, it was wild. Super good ambiance with many people who were definitely into hanging out and talking. I'm looking forward to going back and meeting some fellow jazz/blues lovers. Next time I'll remember by camera so I can take some video of the craziness.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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