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Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's all over folks, I've finished my second semester in Buenos Aires! I aced my finals, I'm pretty sure I pulled straight As. It was, as the last post stated, pretty insane thought. Lots and lots of studying and uneasy nervousness. Never before have I had to walk into a room, sit down with the professor, and HOPE that the two questions they ask me, from the ENTIRE semester, are within the range of things that I have studied. Either way, it's all over.

Argentina summer, here I come!!!


ps- I got a job bartending at a nightclub about 3 blocks from my house. Cool place with some very attractive customers. Can't ask for much more!

I'll write a little longer post about my summer plans, but I've gotta go make some pesos!

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Rachel S said...

This is pretty awesome. I've been looking for somebody studying in Argentina that actually writes about their life for more than 3 days. I go to UNC and I'll be there mid-february to study abroad. Pretty excited. Now I have a huge Christmas break to get prepared and hang out in Chapel Hill doing nothing but going out.