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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here Goes Nothing: Finals Week

Finals week is almost here!!!

Unlike the US college system, where you have a midterm, a bunch of homework, attendance/participation, and a final...all of which are factored into your final grade, here, it's different.

I have oral finals and presentations. Here's what next week looks like.

Monday = Logísticas y Transporte (Logistics and Transportation)
Tuesday AM= Spanish 350
Tuesday PM= Administración del Personal (Human Resources)
Wednesday= Envases y Embalajes (The Marketing of Packaging and Shipping)
Thursday= Investigación de Mercado (Market Investigations)

I need to walk into the classroom, sit down with my professor(s), and they're going to question me on all the information that I've learned in the last four months. It's going to be intense.

However, on the bright side, once I finish my presentation on Thursday night, I begin four months of beautiful Argentine summer. I'm super excited. I'll let you all know how the job hunt goes.

If there is anyone from BsAs reading this that needs a BellBoy/Server/Caterer/Tour Guide/Promoter or anything similar, shoot me an email!

Si hay alguien en Capital Federal que busca un BellBoy/Camarero(Mozo)/Guía de Turísmo/Promotador o algo similar, que me mande un email.

I'll let you know how everything goes.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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