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Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Update

So, I couldn´t think of a catchy title, and I only have about 6 minutes to type before I need to leave the internet cafe. My MAC died a couple months back, so I´ve been computerless. I used to use my old roommate´s computer, but she left, so I´m really computerless now. However, in a few weeks, the guys are bringing theirs to the apartment.

Anyways, a little update. Christmas went amazingly well. I´ve got a post in the works all about that. It includes BBQ, fireworks, alcohol, and lots of laughing. Work is still going well. As opposed to before BsAs when I saved every penny, I´m actually using my tip money. I´ve purchased some very cool shirts, and I´m in the process of revamping the wardrobe. I´ve lived a rather bummish lifestyle since I´ve gotten here, meaning I havent purchased a lot. Now, I´m starting to buy fun clothes, and enjoy the summer like it should be enjoyed. Lots and lots of meat on the grill, cold Fernet, and hanging out.

On a closing thought, this city is absolutely incredible. I know I say that a lot in these posts, but until you come here, it´s just words. You have to experience it and you´ll fall in love. Both Holly and Lindsay talked about that time when you feel like you need to go back to the States after studying abroad. I was thinking today, I could stay here for a LONG time. Life is very enjoyable, the people are nice, the weather is beautiful, it´s amazing. I´m very content here, and I´m definitely coming back after I graduate.

Ok, 25 seconds until they increase my price a peso.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Anonymous said...

brother, i sent you a package! watch for it at your pellegrini address... love you! holly