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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newest Bartender on the Block

I got it!

Ladies and gentlemen, you're reading the blog of the newest bartender at the hippest cocktail lounge in Buenos Aires, Argentina...Portezuelo Lounge Bar & Music.

What can I say...I just got done working my first night at my favorite bar from last semester. I always thought it would be cool to work there, but never knew if it would happen. Well, it did.

From now until sometime in April, swing on in and say Hi.


ps- the place is amazingly similar to the Loring Pasta Bar back in Minneapolis. Vintage chandeliers, lots of brickwork, very cool ambiance.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Brian said...

Hey Patrick!! That place looks pretty cool! It just seems a little far to run to get a drink and chill....

Cool Blog..

Cousin Brian

Anonymous said...

very cool bar brother!!! i'm so happy for you! get ready for a little package in the mail. love you-- holly

Elena Moroz said...

Hi! I am looking to move to Buenos Aires and want to get a job bar-tending there as well. any advice? How did you land this job? and are there any openings in your bar ;) Thanks!