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Saturday, May 10, 2008

River Plate

In regards to my previous post, I'm going to give you a little more indepth view on the niceness of Porteños.

Last night I arrived home from a week in the north of Argentina. This is future post with pictures and videos. Anyways, I woke up looking forward to another day in good ol' BsAs. So, after waking up at noon, having some breakfast, chatting with Sylvia and Carlos about my trip, I pack up my thermos, yerba and mate and head to Parque Las Heras to do a little reading and relaxing.

After getting some empanadas on the way to the park, I find a good spot in the sun and start sipping on some mate and munching on those highly regarded tastey morsels. Amazing I tell you, amazing. I may have to write a post about Argentine empanadas and why they may be the leading factor for me NOT returning to the USA.

Bueno, so, I'm doing my thing in the park, reading my book and having a good time. A nice couple(i think) sits down in the same area and I ask to "rob them of a cigarette." They are more than happy to oblige and notice that I'm drinking mate. They say it's awkward to see a foreigner enjoying mate. I tell them that I really like it, and then go back to my reading. After I finish my chapter, I figure I should ask them if they'd like a mate.

Note- You don't really drink mate, you drink yerba. Yerba is the ground up tea-like leaves of the well, yerba plant. These go in the mate, which is usually a hollowed-out gourd or some other similar item. That being said, you can say; "I'm going to drink mate with some friends in the park" or you can say "Did you bring the mate." THE mate is the gourd, just mate is the act of drinking mate. Sorry to confuse you all.

Anyways, the guy, who I learn later is Lucas, says sure, and I walk over mate. He immediately invites me to sit down with him and his friend, Aldana(a very feminine Argentine name). You see, you don't drink mate without having conversation, it's just not right.

Entonces, Lucas, Aldana and I are sitting and talking for quite a while. We talk about why I'm in BsAs, what I'm studying, where I live, etc. They both attended a very nice business school here and we talk school for awhile. After that we talk a little about the emerging drug problems in Argentina(future post) and then we get onto the topic of futbol. I told them about the story from my homestay with Carlos and Slyvia(Argentine Grandma Ruby post.)

Well, after a little bit of talk I learn that they're both for River Plate, which makes sense. If you live in the northern parts of BsAs you usually cheer for River. After hearing that I've never seen a game, they quickly invited me to come to the River Plate game with them tomorrow, Sunday. They're wasn't even a breathe inbetween them hearing that I've never seen a game, and them inviting me. It was so cool! Of course, my jaw practically dropped when these two people I've only met 30 minutes earlier invited me to a game, but...that's the Porteno way.

So, I've got a lot more to write about from the past two weeks, but I've also got dinner plans with my friend Mike tonight. I'll keep you informed.

Much Love from South of the Equator,


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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