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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mate in Plaza San Martin

My friend Mike and I had a fun day in Plaza San Martin recently. It's probably my favorite park in the city. The canopy created by the huge trees is great on hot days. We had a hard night partying on Thursday so we both agreed that Mate on Friday would do the trick. Plus, I had my internship at 2PM, and I knew a good strong Mate(Argentine/Uruguayan drink) would destroy any potential hangover.

We're having Mate and talking when this cute little dog comes over by us and starts chillin. We thought he must have had an owner, because he was wearing a little dog sweater(very Buenos Aires-ish), but no one came looking for him in the hour we were there, so we're not sure. You can see the my entire Mate set-up in the picture. It's an addicting substance that's super good for you.
Anyways, he was all about hanging out and relaxing, so I took these pics with him.

The people on the bench came to the Plaza as we were hanging out, and we couldn't help but notice how perfect they would have been for a McDonald's commercial. McDonald's is HUGELY popular here. They are everywhere, and they're so much nicer than in the states. Teenagers actually hang out at McDonalds on the weekends because they're so comfy.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Sara Genrich said...

That puppy is adorable. I wasn't jealous of you until now..... :)