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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, we almost made it to Carnaval the past weekend. My friend canceled on me, last minute, because his boss changed his schedule and he had to work over the weekend. Thinking quickly, I went to Retiro, the bus station, and bought a ticket to Gualeguaychu, the city where Carnaval is at. I, however, did not buy a return ticket for sunday. This would later come back to haunt me.

I get to Gualeguaychu at around 12:30am, because the bus was delayed for an hour in Retiro because the A/C was broken. Once we finally get there, the bus stop is in the middle of nowhere. I luckily find a girl who is also going to the same campsite as me, and we take a taxi there. Once there, I find some other friends who were there, and we all got settled in. It was late so we didnt do much.

The next day, we enjoyed the hot hot hot weather on the banks of the river. The campsites all have these big beaches along the river that goes through town, so we enjoyed our day there. My friends informed me that they didnt have plans on even going to the Carnaval celebration, because it was too expensive, 80 pesos they said. They were just going to stay on the beach all day and then go out at night. I still really wanted to go, so I planned on going by myself to the parade. Well, at 6pm, we all crash to take a siesta because we're drained of all possible energy. A short siesta turns into a 6 hour nap as all 6 of us slept until 12:30am!!! It was too late to go to the parade, so, super upset, we went out in the area surrounding the campsite.

The next day, someone kindly informed me that it only cost 40 pesos to get in, and that the parade went really late the night before, until around 2am. So, in turn, we majorly screwed up our Carnaval weekend. However, I had a very good time with my friends, apart from missing the parade, and now I have another thing to do when I come back to Argentina after graduation.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Isma said...

How could you !!??
Well, you can always go back.

The artificial looking (and crowded) beaches in gualeguaychu are as good as the group of people around you.
so it's good you've found good friends.. (althou a bit 'ratas!').