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Monday, March 16, 2009

Need Ideas!

Every so often I get the bug to write a bunch of blog posts. However, instead of me thinking about topics of write about, I want to answer questions or write about subjects that interest you guys. I really dont know what to write about anymore. I dont want this to become an online-diary where I just write about my daily experiences here. "so today I woke up, drank mate, read the newspaper, yada yada yada"

I´ve been here for over a year and know the city quite well(for being a foreigner). Most of the stuff I see doesn´t surprise me anymore, but I´m sure it would be eye-opening to a lot of the new arrivals in the city. A protest in the street with m-80 fireworks being launched over the crowd doesn´t even catch my eye. Cars running red lights and almost hitting pedestrians is a daily occurence to me. What I used to think was "picture worthy" is now just normal.

I know there are topics that you want to hear about or questions you´d like answered, be it personal ones about my experience here, or ones about BsAs in general, but that I havent written about, because, to me, they have become commonplace. Therefore, give me some ideas by leaving a comment(lower right corner of this message), and I´ll write about them.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Signe said...

I'm curious to know what parts of the city would you recommend to a tourist?? The "off-the-beaten" path places if you will...Also, will you be in BsAs in January 2010? I think I'm going back then...and GO TO MENDOZA! So great!!


MitchSalm said...

How does your water taste?

What's the weirdest cartoon on television?

The strangest guy in the club: what's his deal?

Breakfast cereals: give us a list and a description of the boxes.

What's dominating the political news circuit?

It's Wednesday at three. I'm a local. What the am I doing

What was the luckiest thing that's happened to you in the past month?

What was your wtf moment? It happened, and you literally thought: what. the. fuck.

What smell will you miss the most when you leave?

What do you think you won't miss immediately after you leave, but probably will miss six months after you've left?

Of all the Buenos Aires strangers you see on a semi-regular basis (convenience store clerk, bus-drivers, etc.), who's the weirdest?

The best thing you've eaten had in Buenos Aires. In the past day.

Alisha said...

damn Mitch... you didnt leave anything for me to ask!

I would like to know if the local boys are hot..

Carol said...

I 2nd alisha's thought.

also would like to know how much is a double cheesburger in Mcdonnalds.