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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jones Family Music

Seeing as I´m cruising down the emotional highway right now, I just turned on some Van Morrison and James Taylor, the kings of Jones family music. Listening to "And It Stoned Me" followed by "Carolina in My Mind" I get goosebump excited thinking about when we will all be reunited again; Holly, Lindsay, Adrian, myself, Mom and Dad, with Greta on guard duty(sleeping) under the table; drinking a big bottle of red wine and listening to Van the Man and JT on the patio, talking, telling stories, and laughing.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww.... yaaAAaaay, that will be so exciting! we've all been living such separate lives for this past year, more than ever before. it will be so cool to be back together. i predict it will be august.

you should copy and paste mitch's list of questions, and then answer them. it's a good list.

love you! holly

Anonymous said...

you also need to update your right hand column of accomplishments, i think a blog post in spanish is a necessity before you leave. where is your flight through? do i get to see you for 2 minutes? --h