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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boo Rain´!

So we didnt go to Carnaval last weekend. It was cloudy, overcast, and rainy the whole weekend up there, and, seeing as we´re staying at a campsite, we decided to call it off. We´re now going this weekend and should be leaving tomorrow around 3pm or so. So, once again, pictures will follow in due time.


ps- Isma, are you from Buenos Aires or the USA?

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Signe Anderson said...

can't wait for the pictures! miss you!!!

isma said...

was planning on going to Rio last weekend for carnaval, but it was all booked and flights were sooo expensive, so I'll need a little more planning next time.
I lived in San Diego for years (pretty much like you.. to learn the language & culture) and came back to argentina last month. (palermo to be exact)
I enjoy traveling as much as you do.. BUT I HATE READING BOOKS !(i prefer blogs.. lol) !!

un abrazo hermano, y segui escribiendo mas historias!