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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Publicidades de Argentina

Ever since I arrived in Argentina, I´ve noticed that they have great commercials. Seldomly do you see a car commercial, the very type of commercial that pollutes US television. Commercials here are just genuinely good, well thought out, and perfectly executed. I´ve compiled a small sample of the commercials from Argentina that I like.

These first ones are from the Buenos Aires Film Festival. All of them have the punch line, "If it´s not for you, it´s not for you." You´ll see what I mean.

Commercial for the Buenos Aires Film Festival. Making a joke of the people who look too far into art or movies to seem sofisticated. The painting is supposed to be the "the saddest painting in the world" but the guy in the orange just doesn´t seem to find it that sad.

This one has three guys with moustaches talking about "what it´s like to have a moustache." The first guy says having a moustache is like lighting a torch, and they all agree. The second says its like grabbing a frisbee, and they all agree. The third guy says that, for him, it´s always been like the color blue. They all full-heartedly agree. The fourth guy says it´s like being a Viking warrior, galloping on his horse, with tempest wings. They all touch their moustaches, trying to feel something Viking-ish, and then they find out he has a fake moustache.

Amazing Budweiser commercial. Here is the exact script of what happens.

"A young man goes to the fridge for a beer and is surprised by a man in a cowboy outfit accompanied by a white horse. He introduces himself as the young man's imaginary friend from when he was a kid, and is disappointed that he has real friends now and no time for imaginary ones. The young man plays along and opens a pretend bottle for him, but the cowboy says that there is no such thing as imaginary beer, and opens and drinks a bottle of Budweiser from the fridge."

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Albo8888 said...

Your blog is pretty awesome and very helpful since I'll be in BA starting July for 3 months or so. Quick question about the bartending gig. I was thinking of doing it for a month. How easy was it and how did you go about it?