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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Neighborhood Journey

So I decided to go for a bike ride into a new neighborhood today, Saavedra. I´ve been looking at this park on my city map for a long time, and I´ve really wanted to go. Today was warm with a breeze, so I decided to pack up my mate, termo, some reading material, and a chicken sandwich, and I was off for some exploring. Here are some of the snapshots from my journey, in chronological order.

Here is the map of Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. I live inside the red circle and the parks that I wanted to visit are inside the blue circle.

The Colegiales Train Station
Old Men Playing Tejo, Bocce of Argentina
Very Nice Neighborhood

Same Neighborhood
Cruising on the Bike
Parque Saavedra
Cool Beetle
Church in Parque Saavedra
Train Station Belegrano "R"

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1 comment:

isma said...

next trip Palermo Hollywood!
At night from 9 to 1am gets pretty nice.. it's like a 'previa' where tons of young ppl get together at that small plaza.