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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's That In Your Hand?...A One-Way Ticket

Just purchased my ticket, one-way, from Chicago O'Hare to Fort Lauderdale, which is only a $20 cab from the warm sand and palm-lined streets of Miami. I'm glad to see that everything is falling into place. Working the last few days of my internship until Thursday, finishing up some projects and writing an "Intern's Guide" for the future interns to use. Then, Mom is coming to get me this Sunday and it's back to Chilton for a week to pack and clean out my old room. Come Super Bowl Sunday, I'll be hitching a ride to Chicago with Lindsay and Adrian and flying out February 7.

I'm crossing my fingers on a cool apartment I've found in Miami. It's located in a pretty nice neighborhood, the price is right, and my future roommate seems very legit. If/when it's official, I'll write you.


ps- I've been scoping new road bikes and I've got my eye set on a beauty. Should I buy said bicycle, you better believe it will get a whole post devoted to its beauty.

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