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Monday, January 31, 2011

Minnesota, It's Been Real

Au revoir Minnesota!

It's all over. After two weeks of goodbyes and wrapping up loose ends, I've moved out of my St.Paul house and I'm heading back to Wisconsin. I'm currently spending the night at my aunt and uncle's place in the suburbs, hanging out with my cousins, aunt and uncle, and my mom. We'll be leaving in the early AM for our drive back to Wisconsin.

From there it's all about ridding myself of extra possessions and other things I don't need, trying to whittle my load to a manageable size. My goal is to take only one suitcase with me to Miami, so I've got plenty of work to do.

I moved to Minneapolis almost six years ago. It's been a good run but I'm ready for new adventures.

1 comment:

Max said...


I found your QR code for your blog mysteriously tucked into a pad of sticky notes.

Finding it made my day feel like a Dan Brown novel.

Hope you're enjoying Miami.
Take it easy.

-Max (the new intern)