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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Storm Excitement

Growing up in Chilton, which is located in Northeast Wisconsin on the east side of a large lake, all the big storms always missed us, minus the Hail Storm of 2000.

My sisters and I would always watch in dismay as the largest, darkest, most ominous part of the storm would split in half, with one part going north of Chilton and the other going to the south of Chilton. There could be thunder and lightning all over the area, but Chilton would be sunny.

That being said, Miami has hurricanes, and I'm really excited about this. I understand that once in a while they deviate from their path, but if AL Roker says a hurricane or tropical storm is going to hit Southern Florida, you better believe Miami is getting at least SOME type of stormy weather.

I don't plan on being stupid and sticking around if they evacuate areas of town, but I'm still extremely excited to sit in my apartment during a torrential downpour, watching palm fronds blow down the streets. How many people from Wisconsin can say they've hunkered down and waited out a hurricane?

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