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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Final Night

Well, tonight is the last night I will spend in Argentina for quite some time. Today was a day filled with last minute errands, picture taking, and emotional goodbyes. I took Holly´s advice and took pictures of very common things; city buses that I use, kioskos that I frequent, streets that I bike, and the subway that I have learned to love and hate. The pictures won´t make any sense to anyone expect me, that that´s exactly how it should be. On the emotional side, I had to say goodbye to my first group of Argentine friends, the UMSA(my school here) girls; Maru, Chechi, and La Guacha. Without them, I don´t know where I would be. They introduced me to so many people, taught me so much about spanish and friendship, and really introduced me to the Argentine way of life. I also saw Belen after months of not seeing each other and said goodbye. She´s doing great, is happy, and all is well. We ate a sandwich from our favorite restaurant, a perfect way to spend our last night.

I´m currently in "el living" which is actually Pablo´s room. We always chill in his room, use the computers, listen to and sing music and just generally hang out. He, Eugenio, and myself are drinking, what else, Fernet & Coke, but Fernet Branca from Milan, instead of Argentina. The cousin of Eugenio lives there and came to visit, bring him a fabulous bottle of the world´s best Fernet.

I´m about to start packing my suitcases now. I want to have them done by tonight so that tomorrow I can spend the day with the guys and Anabel and not be worrying about packing. I just wanted to do an update post for you all. I think I´ll probably write a doozy post later on tonight. Keep an eye open.


Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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