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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Will I Be From?

I've been thinking a lot lately about where I will tell people I'm from when I'm in BA. Having talked to Holly and Lindsay and reading blogs/hearing stories, etc, I think I'm going to be from Canada. Right now, it's insanely difficult to be proud of being an American, which in all reality isn't even a correct statement. Mexicans are Americans, as are all the other peoples residing in North/South/Central America. However, as a resident of the United States, we've taken the liberty to consider ourselves "true" Americans, not United Statesians.

Going back to the issue, I think that until I'm comfortable speaking the language and conveying to Portenos that I don't condone any of the current government's actions, I'll be a Canadian. The last thing I want to get into with a group of Portenos is trying to convince them, in broken Spanish, that I'm not a pro-Bush, pro-war "American."

side note- I was trying to learn the present progressive conjugation today, which isn't that difficult, that is, until they threw in indirect object, direct object, and reflexive pronouns. I'm really hoping the whole "the language just clicks after a couple months" thing is true!

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Holly Jones said...

hey brother, lovely blog. i like the depth, i like reading about your thought process as you move throughout the day. i'll link it up with mine soon. love you!