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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Farewell MPLS

After many happy and emotional farewells, I've finally made my departure. Minneapolis has been good to me. I remember my first day of college like yesterday. Mom, Dad, Tony, Flo, Nicholas, and Thomas dropped me off at Pioneer Hall. After the hugs and goodbyes, I was alone and ready for the unexpected.

You never really know what college is going to be like until you actually get there. How do classes work, are there really 300 people in your lectures, is dorm food good or bad? So many questions, but in the course of the first few weeks, you feel like a pro. I'm hoping this is how Buenos Aires will be. It'll take a couple of weeks to get acclimated, but I'm really hoping to get a firm grasp on the city quickly.

I've had some great times and made some amazing friends while in Minneapolis. Biking/sight-seeing/exploring/gawking at Lake Calhoun in the summer with Tim, drinking beer along the Mississippi with Nick and Eric, breaking my collar bone, hanging with Shonit after I broke my collar bone, going Canoeing down the St. Croix with Tim, Ruston, and Josef with a broken collar bone. Who knew the combination of absinthe and biking could lead to the creation of so many memories.

I'll definitely miss everyone at the Loring Pasta Bar. Seeing as I started working there about 6 weeks into freshman year, many of my best friends are also my coworkers. It's a known fact that the LPB takes over your life after awhile. Be it late-night bike rides, Halloween parties, bonfires or Christmas parties, LPBers always do it up. I'll miss you all very much and now I'll be that "oh, he used to work here a year ago" guy if/when I return.

Minneapolis, I bid you adieu.

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