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Monday, February 11, 2008

Spanish Love Songs

It's exactly three weeks from today when I will arrive in Buenos Aires. The excitement is still there, but the nervousness is also starting to kick in. I've been racking my brain lately trying to think of anything that I'm forgetting to do before I leave, but it seems like I've got it all covered. I guess I'm just getting pent up. I'm sick of studying, but angry because I feel I should know more, and I'm tired of cold, miserable Minneapolis. I need a change. Buenos Aires, it's time.

Anyways, I feel I've been overdoing Spanish rock. I'm starting to recognize the songs, and I need something new. I recently came upon some love songs on Pandora, and I really like them a lot. It's not that I'm a huge romantic, because I'm clearly not, but it's because they speak NICE AND SLOW! I can actually figure out what words they're saying, though by the time I translate them in my head, they're already started their second verse. If only everyone in BA spoke as clearly and slowly as Alejandro Fernandez.

Well, I should study.

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