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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Tunes in Miami

What started out as a slow Miami night ending up being quite eventful. I originally just planned on staying in and working on a marketing website I'm creating. Needing some groceries to cook my dinner before starting on the website, I decided to bike to the Midtown Target. Leaving the Target, I took a little different route home and passed a corporate, yet pretty cool, restaurant, Hurricane Grill & Wings, that had a live blues band, The Jay Blues Band, setting up. I rushed home, ate dinner, and immediately returned to listen to come good blues. I've been hankering for some soul music and they hit it on the head. During their set break, I was at the bar and decided to ask these two girls if there was more live music in the area.

Well, what do you know, these girls are on the pulse of Miami's live music scene. They invited me to another venue, The Stage, where a great Ben Folds-like band was playing, the Jacob Jeffries Band. Damn can this guy play the piano and sing. Very impressive. Definitely looking forward to seeing them play again.

After quite a few good songs and some overpriced drinks ($9 for a rail jack and ginger, come on!), I headed home for the night. From what I've heard, you need to dig around for something in Miami that isn't house or techno music. Though I have nothing against either of those, it was nice to hear lyrics for a change.

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