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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catering Event: Insane Wedding

Sorry for the slow catering event update, but don't worry, it'll be worth it.

So, the event. A European billionaire wanted to throw a big birthday party for his wife's 40th birthday party. A big party indeed.

Two TV crews and an entire paparazzi team were gathered by the mansion's gate so that when guests arrived, they could walk the red carpet with shutter bulbs exploding and everyone asking, "What designer are you wearing tonight?"

After guests made it up the 50 yard red carpet, they were greeted by a enormous exact replica of the wife's birthday cake, with a 6-person New Orleans jazz band on top, playing ragtime music. Large flatscreens all over the property showed live TV coverage of who was walking the red carpet at any given money.

Once everyone was seat underneath the huge event tent, the MC welcomed everyone and directed us to the sky, where a helicopter with its search light on was flying overhead. It flashed the beam on and followed a jet boat in the bay, and within a minute, the wife jumped off the boat, onto the dock, and ran up to the stage to say hi to her guests.

The normal food and wine for any expensive catering event.

The highlight of the event: after dinner, a surprise guest arrived, world famous DJ David Guetta, who performed a solid three-hour show. Absolutely amazing performance.

All in all, I think I could get used to Miami catering.

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Anonymous said...

i love how your first night working in miami is at a private david guetta party! hahaha! so goood!!