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Monday, January 14, 2008

Human Pincushion

So I'm off to get my final vaccination today, yellow fever. I received Hep A, Influenza, and Malaria about a week ago and my immune system definitely got its ass kicked. Trying to fight off three newly injected diseases while simultaneously having the worst cold of my life made last week rather sucky. I was working a few 12 hours days as well, so between blowing my nose till it bled and trying to look presentabl, I felt like shit. I must apologize to all of my tables that inadvertently heard me and then watched me hawk up a big loogie and swallow it down. Hope your pasta was great!

I'm buying three Argentina books with my Amazon gift card today. Thanks to mother, I'm about the best bargain shopper this side of Mississippi(I live on the west side, mom's on the east), and I've finally concluded that I'm getting the best deal possible.

The books are:
Time Out Buenos Aires
Argentina - Culture Smart!
Che Boludo: A Gringo's Guide to understanding the Argentines

The last book is about understanding BA's rich cultural slang. Back in the 40s, Italian immigrants settled in the poor neighborhoods of BA and transformed the language into what it is today. Their slang is called Lunfardo, and it's essential that I understand some of it before I get there.

Time's A Tickin'!!!


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