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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hitting The Streets

Today was my first day, of a few, using my newly created sign in downtown Minneapolis.

A little backstory; I watched a story on the news about how much you can make bumming, and I'd also heard of a man "bumming his way to the top." Seeing as I really had nothing to lose, I set out to create my own little sign, complete with a worthy cause which they would feel happy contributing to.

The response was decent. I met some really nice people and informed many of my future travels to Argentina. I passed out my blogcard to quite a few people as well, so hopefully some of them are reading this post right now.

I'm not sure how many more days I'll do it for, but it was a fun experience. I printed 100 "blogcards" so I think I'll just do it until I use them all up.

pictures are soon to come!

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