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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hola de Bogota!

I´m in Bogota, Colombia!!! Just thought that I should get that out of the way. I honestly can´t believe that I´m in writing a post from Colombia right now.

First off, a little back story as to why I´m here. Lindsay met Adrian, her then boyfriend, when she was studying abroad in Spain. Adrian, un Colombiano, left Colombia to work in Spain and was Lindsay´s neighbor in her apartment building. They dated while she was in Spain, dated for a year internationally, and then decided to get married. They were married in January 2008 and the rest in history.

So, while I was in Buenos Aires, I was thinking about what I would do during my month long break between semesters. I had the idea of going skiing in the south of Argentina, but then Lindsay suggested that I go to Colombia to see Adrian´s family. After thinking about it, I jumped on the offer, and that leaves me where I am today...Bogota, Colombia.

This is just a teaser post though. I have a lot to write about, and I´ll definitely get around to it sooner, but right now, I really want to go to bed. I´m actually being forced to speak Spanish 99% of the time, and my brain is really tired. I´´ll lay some down good writing from a locutorio tomorrow or the next day.

Much love from NORTH of the Equator,


Anonymous said...

yay, can't wait for more stories!

love holly

Anonymous said...

looove the blog.
i like your writings!
u owe me that haiti report.!i wanna read it after some much bragging! jajaj
have funnnnnnnn