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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Not Dead

So I've been tardy in writing posts for the blog, obviously, since the last post was quite a few months ago. However, I'll be writing a few posts this coming week detailing my past few months in Miami, and my future plans. Stay tuned.

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DustinSBranham said...

How's it going in miami. I'm the random dude from NC who stumbled onto your blog and commented occasionally last year. Just saw this bookmark and thought I'd see how your experience has gone and how your opinion has evolved.

Do you still like Miami? Are you jaded on it like so many message board posters seem to become?

For several years now I have experienced and ongoing fascination with Miami. Not sure whether I want to live there, but it continues to intrigue me. Problem is I have a good career in nc. My wife does, too. Since the great majority of online opinions on living in Miami area pretty simplistic and shallow, it's pretty tough to form a meaningful opinion on whether an eventual move is even worth considering. But your posts are generally insightful. I hope you get notification of this comment and post an update on your expeience after having been there quite a while now.