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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Key to Meeting Good People: Talking

I do believe I'm breaking out of my "it's hard to make good friends" rut. Lately I've been meeting cool people just about everywhere I go...and the key to meeting these people, just talking to anyone who seems interesting. Also, not being afraid to go out on a limb and invite them to hang out.

Today was a perfect example of just talking to people. 

Case 1:
-I had today off from the restaurant, so I decided to work on my tan and relax at the beach. I put down my gear and listened to some music and just decompressed after a long stretch of work. Two young guys were sitting near me. I asked them to watch my stuff while I went swimming, and one of them made a comment about my mate, the Argentine tea beverage that I was drinking. We ended to talking for the next hour at the beach about life in Miami, etc. They're brothers, one attends the U of Miami's law school and the other is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill. Long story short, we all decided to head to Monty's Raw Bar for happy hour and spent a total of 4 hours talking about life, religion, growing up, and many other things. I exchanged numbers with the guy who lives in Miami and we're planning on hanging out sometime soon.

Case 2:
-While waiting in the line to get oysters at Monty's, I started talking with this guy next to me about local happy hours. He turned out to be a local Miami resident who's since moved to Miami Beach with his girlfriend and runs his own legal services company. We talked about running a business, the changing of Miami neighborhoods, and the South Beach lifestyle. Seeing as I'm really lacking male friends and  extremely hard to meet genuinely cool guys in Miami, I decided to just ask the guy straight up if he'd ever want to hang out sometime. He gave me a business card and said to shoot him an email to set up a happy hour hangout with him and his girlfriend.

So, my friends, that's how you go about meeting people. I've always considered myself an outgoing person, but these two experiences today were a bit more outgoing that usual, but both turned out great.


DustinSBranham said...

I seriously enjoy meeting new people, especially if they are from interesting places. It gives me a perspective on the world that I didnt have before meeting that particular individual. The downside I've recently discovered to this is that I tend to make a LOT of casual acquaintances, but when it comes to real friends, I have few. Transitioning from interesting conversations (a simple pleasure of life) to "friendship" has been a fleeting thing in my world.

Carla said...

I have been in Argentina and I noticed that meeting new people there is very easy, because the Argentinean person is very out-going and relaxed. Nobody expects to get married after some dates, so the whole relationship is calmed and free of expectations. If it goes well, great, if not, great too. I rented several furnished apartments in buenos aires while I was there because I stayed for a long time. I made friend in each of the buildings I had to stay. If you talk to your neighbour, even for something stupid like not having sugar for the coffee and asking for it, then the conversation starts flowing and bang! Suddenly you started a relationship of friendship or somthing similar and next time you can go out to have fun with your neighbour. That is how it works there, it is a country perfect for shy people!